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There are many reasons to work online, for me the most important has to do with my love of teaching kids as well as adults. With so many organizations out there nowadays is a gift to find the right fit. My experience has been great, once I was given the opportunity to work online after my training, what impressed me the most is the team that supports all we do and the easy to use resources. The team gives timely responses to our queries and supports our teaching with a caring positive outlook. The administrative part of our organization is available with to the point timely answers providing us with easy friendly resources. The students come from all over the place giving us the opportunity to get to know and understand different cultures. The pay is great, the flexible hours are one of the added pluses, the others teachers we meet, learn and share with are awesome. If you are looking for great place to work, flexible hours, good pay and fun people to work with, this is one of the best places!

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