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LatinHire is a leading volume staffing company in the education sector, serving EdTech startups and established companies with medium and large operations involving subject matter experts (SMEs). 

Established in 2003, LatinHire has played key roles in the backend of very successful education products and services created in the last two decades.

We specialize in providing experts that fuel a wide range of services, including:

  • Online tutors for over 40 subjects at middle school, high school and college levels.
  • High dosage and impact tutoring for younger students.
  • Live language instruction for adults and young students.
  • Content production for Q&A platforms.
  • Customer support for online courses.
  • Quality assurance.

Common features in all of LatinHire’s engagements with its clients include:

  • Best talent sourced globally for a given combination of profile and budget.
  • Tailored business processes.
  • Simple and scalable operations.

We source experts from all over the world, although most of our experience and focus is in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia.

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