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Online classes provide small group and one to one interaction between students and teachers at a time convenient for both. It is twenty five minutes that students have reserved to receive targeted comprehensible input tailored to their level of proficiency. As a teacher, you have the materials you need in front of you and a student who is prepared to receive a lesson for a short period of time conducive to his/her schedule. Two hours of teaching fly by as you meet/greet and engage your students in conversational English. Every time new students enter my classes we all take a second marvel at the technology that allows us to come together to learn English. Although the skill set of the online language teacher and the dynamics of the online classroom are very different from traditional teaching, the art of teaching remains at the core of a meaningful class. Working toward the most effective online learning experience for your students is one that you will strive to perfect and you will seek to improve your approach to make a difference in students’ learning experiences.

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