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15 Love Idioms You Should Teach Your English Students

Isn’t it interesting how words like “fall” and “crush” can have positive meanings? Following our last article on English weather idioms, this week we present you with a new set of idioms about love! 

In most languages there are various terms to describe the complex idea of “love”. However, in English, we only have this one word. Therefore, English speakers use various idioms to express different types and degrees of love.

Here are 15 idioms related to love that you should teach your English students! 

1) Fall head over heels

Meaning: To be madly in love. 

Example: He fell head over heels for her when they met at that party. 

2) Match made in heaven

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Meaning: Two people who are perfect for each other. 

Example: Everyone thinks they’re a match made in heaven. They complement each other so well. 

3) Apple of [someone’s] eye

Meaning: Someone you cherish or are most proud or fond of. 

Example: His daughter is the apple of his eye. 

4) Have a crush

Meaning: Having a romantic interest in someone.

Example: She’s had a crush on the school’s football star since the ninth grade. 

5) Ask [someone] out

Meaning: To ask someone on a date. 

Example: A few boys asked her out, but she rejected all of them.

6) Pop the question

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Meaning: To propose. 

Example: He popped the question at her surprise birthday party last night! 

7) Take my breath away

Meaning: To be in deep awe of someone or something.

Example: The beautiful actress took my breath away. 

8) Puppy love

Meaning: Young love, usually intense but short-lived.

Example: My first relationship was when I was twelve years old, but it was just puppy love.

9) Love at first sight

Meaning: Falling in love with someone shortly after seeing them for the first time.

Example: He was so handsome and charming. It was love at first sight. 

10) Love is blind

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Meaning: Being in love makes it hard to see your partner’s faults.

Example: I don’t know why she stayed with him for so many years. Love is blind. 

11) Tough love

Meaning: Being strict with or disciplining someone out of love.

Example: My parents were hard on me growing up, but it was the tough love I needed.  

12) Lovey-dovey

Meaning: Acting excessively affectionate or romantic.

Example: It got awkward as the couple started to get lovey-dovey in front of all of us. 

13) Tie the knot

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Meaning: To get married.

Example: I’m not ready to tie the knot yet, but my mom keeps pressuring me! 

14) To dump [someone]

Meaning: To break up with someone. 

Example: I can’t believe he dumped her after a 3 year relationship for the new girl in class. 

15) Only have eyes for [someone]

Meaning: To be attracted to only one person.

Example: My father has only had eyes for my mother since they started dating.  

We hope you enjoyed these 15 love idioms! If you know any more idioms about love, feel free to share them in the comments below. 

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Ellier Leng
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