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I applied to work with LH out of mere curiosity – and unlike the cat, this curiosity did not kill me. On the contrary, it unfolded the wonderful world of working on line – a perfect balance between freedom and controlled environment. To me this freedom means that I don’t have to leave my home to go to work, I can travel to visit relatives and friends in different countries and still keep working, and I can organize my work schedule to suit my needs. The company provides clear work guidelines, yet tutors are allowed to develop lessons according to what they consider is best for the students at hand, as long as we comply with methodology which is clearly laid out for us, and monitored periodically to offer practical teaching tips that can make our lessons even better. Best of all, as a retired teacher, being able to still make an impact on a student’s life, by simply spending 25 virtual minutes with them, fills my heart with joy. Watching their sense of accomplishment at the end of a lesson, seeing them smile or receiving a beautiful heart, is very motivating. I also love being part of a tutoring staff made up of people from different countries and different professional backgrounds – all striving for excellence, and freedom!

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