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I’ve been working with LatinHire since May, 2019 and have enjoyed every class, whether it’s a Private (1-on-1) session, a Classic (Grammar, et al), or Casual/Coversation group session. The quality of the students is stellar, regardless of their English language capability. As well the online support system is par excellance! I’m slowly building up to my senior / veteran status online but al already know that the programs and helps available, both to student as well as teacher are top notch! Of course I am monitored for my performance and attendance and am provided back-up sub-teachers by monitors when needed. This is very encouraging to me, in case I run into Internet connection problems. Finally I would only suggest that we as a group venture into literature classes where students first read an essay, short story or even a novel and return to discuss it in class. This more than anything else can help in vocabulary development and can team up with online conversations for more meaningful interaction with Authentic Literature. Thanks for the opportunity of sharing with you!

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